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Author Topic: OFRNR Purpose.  (Read 2893 times)
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For Survival, Restoration & Preservation of OFRN

« on: May 26, 2012, 01:04:10 PM »

OFRNR Purpose.

The reason why we wanted to start a strain specific registration and not a full breed registry was one for specified few.

A semi analogy for reference would be like the Jack Russell Terrier.
Since there was getting so much variance with in the breed the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America would only single register pups when the got a year old and would be inspected to make sure they were to the standard they wanted.
This was to eliminate the non conformed appearance with in the breed.
In our case it is a strain.

Over the last 20 years or so, many have started to notice a greater and greater variance with the strain of OFRN.
Without addressing these variances, it has become acceptance of appearance for the strain.

There has become a wide range of variances from size, color and marking which are not of the Norm for the OFRN.

There has been dispute about the fact not all dogs are heavy in the Irish imported blood were Red Nose.
This was due the fact when the breed of dog from Ireland was brought here was crossed to other fighting dogs and still would be heavy in Irish stock but not red nose.

In our case this strain with in the breed was named just that, Old Family RED NOSE.
In attempt in keeping with more the traditional appearance of the imported dogs from Ireland, this is why the dogs were coined the name of OFRN.

Though it was more about bloodline then appearance at one time.
As time moved on, more and more crossing was done. More standardizing the breed as a whole.

The looks and characteristics of the strain of OFRN has been fast getting lost.
Variances of reference to the strain was also changing away from the true appearance of the strain.

With standardizing of the breed by more and more crossing, the dogs heavy in percentage of the direct imported stock became less and less, the more variances started to appear.

With more bloodlines today having the influence of the strain of OFRN bred into the breed, the more ApBT bloodlines will produce the looks and characteristics of the strain of OFRN.

Unfortunately because of the allowed variances it has caused the non acceptance of those dogs for registration with OFRNR.

Many full breed registries have now put stipulations on appearance of "Pure Breed" status for single registration.

Many other breed owners have looked upon the ApBT as a breed of Heinz 57. Or one who doesn't breed true because of the vast variances within the breed from size to color and conformation.
Many other breed owners feel there is no standardization for the breed of the ApBT.

This does not need to be the case with the OFRN strain. The owners of the strain still have a chance to help re-standardize the strain.

Unfortunately because the vast amount of peddling from the breeders of these variances, people (buyers) are lead to believe this is the TYPE (typical) acceptance of appearance of the OFRN strain.

These variances are not the NORM of the TYPE of the OFRN. These variances has cause denial of acceptance for registration to OFRNR.

OFRNR has to keep the integrity of the strain of OFRN by being more exclusivity set by the past old time breeders of the strain.

Without the integrity of exclusivity then we would be just like all the other registries who prostitutes their self for profitability by comprises.

There are to many purist who no longer want to be associated with breeders and bloodlines of dogs which produce the variances.

We must and will regain the standardization of the strain of OFRN through selective breeding of dogs which are of the true NORM of the strain of OFRN.
By doing so, the quality and respectability will restore the greatness back to the strain of OFRN through out the ApBT community and again be the most sought after within the breed!

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